Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer of Decks: Deck #1

1. The deck at the condo was completely rotting from my lack of care... handy boyfriend = new deck! I will say, I did do a lot !! to help him :) Screwing and painting and getting the cold drinks!
I'll post pics once these rainy days find themselves elsewhere.

2. Painting my parents deck was something that I now regret. (see image) LOOK at the size of this thing?! You can't even see the whole thing in this picture, and not to mention, there is another mini deck on the side of the house. What were we thinking? We thought, house-sitting, cable, VOD, cupboards full of food... ya, I miss the condo.

3. We did offer to paint my grandparents deck too. Hopefully the rain stops in the near future so we can finish #2, then get on to #3. Luckily #3 is a lot smaller... but wait... I just remembered they have a mini side deck too. Is this a trend? When I get a house, I'm making sure my deck is tiny or made out of something that doesn't require painting ;)

Come back sunshine! We've got work to do!!

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