Tuesday, June 21, 2011


YAY! All the glitches should be out! paperhearts studio is now up and running and ready for your look-sees!

Sophia and I had talked about this for awhile. After a very good experience working together for the big fat greek wedding (which is the weekend omg), we decided to get the nib writing!

Calligraphy is fastly becoming my new favorite thing to do. Creating the logo for this bad girl was tricky being that Sophia and I have different styles. A straight pin prick of a 'type' was hand drawn and comes off very neutral. I think it's simple enough, and the photos portray what our capabilities are. Lovely. I'm pretty excited about this whole project.

Coming up this weekend is the wedding we've been prepping for (the wedding that started this all really) and a bridal shower which I've been doodling cutey pie food and favor tags for. Photos coming early next week!

In the meantime, check out heartletters by paperhearts, it's our new blog which features what we do, what we've been up to and my new favorite by Sophia, Wedding Wednesdays!


  1. What a wonderful new venture & a lovely name. Yay for paperhearts! Congratulations Justine.

    And you look oh so pretty in your pic. I love your lipstick colour - is it a Mac shade?

  2. Thanks Dajana!!

    It's totally a MAC shade, it was a limited colour called Gladiola, from the Dame Edna Collection. I'll keep my eye out for if they ever release it again!