Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Canada! Oh! Oh! Oh Canada!

How awesome is Ford Buckminster Beaver? by my favorite Le Canot Rouge, Canadian of course. 10% of their gross sales goes to animal welfare causes. YES!

Celebrate with THIS, get your butt outside, join the party, high five your neighbors, and let's celebrate!

Happiest Canada Day friends! So happy to be Canadian!

Summer of Decks: Deck #2

Mr. Muscle had to lift all these pieces up to our balcony on his own (and that's a small piece)! We clearly need more guy friends...
But the before and after is just lovely!! So girls, grab your swimmers and let's get our tan on! Thanks Mikey for doing such a wonderful job! xo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Herriott Grace

I'm not sure if it's the photos of Herriott Grace that I'm so in love with, or the layout of the website, or the actual product, or the fact that it's a father daughter venue?

All products made from 100% salvaged wood. I love them even more!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

55 years

My beautiful grandparents celebrated their 55th anniversary last week. 55 YEARS! Is anyone else just opened mouthed at that?!

I've never really thought about it until last week as I made a wee card for them. 55 years... them be some long years! Good, bad, ugly, pretty, sensational, I could go on. In 55 years, I'm sure any couple would go through every emotion known to man (and possibly animal). Determination. Willpower. Strength. Love.

It takes a lot of love to wake up to the same person every day for 55 years. I'm so proud of my grandparents!

I'm thankful that our family comes from strong couplings. My grandparents and parents are very good role models in today's society. I toast them all. Congratulations Granny and Grampy, here's to another 55!!

Good find.

House sitting find! Don't worry, it was in my mothers house and I asked before I yanked it! A perfect gold bow on a gold band just stared at me through it's clear tupperware drawer as I searched for bubble bath. Bubbles aside... CHECK OUT THIS HEAD BAND!

I'm in love.

I'm so chipper that mama Ma let me give it a very good home. Love you mom.


YAY! All the glitches should be out! paperhearts studio is now up and running and ready for your look-sees!

Sophia and I had talked about this for awhile. After a very good experience working together for the big fat greek wedding (which is the weekend omg), we decided to get the nib writing!

Calligraphy is fastly becoming my new favorite thing to do. Creating the logo for this bad girl was tricky being that Sophia and I have different styles. A straight pin prick of a 'type' was hand drawn and comes off very neutral. I think it's simple enough, and the photos portray what our capabilities are. Lovely. I'm pretty excited about this whole project.

Coming up this weekend is the wedding we've been prepping for (the wedding that started this all really) and a bridal shower which I've been doodling cutey pie food and favor tags for. Photos coming early next week!

In the meantime, check out heartletters by paperhearts, it's our new blog which features what we do, what we've been up to and my new favorite by Sophia, Wedding Wednesdays!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer of Decks: Deck #1

1. The deck at the condo was completely rotting from my lack of care... handy boyfriend = new deck! I will say, I did do a lot !! to help him :) Screwing and painting and getting the cold drinks!
I'll post pics once these rainy days find themselves elsewhere.

2. Painting my parents deck was something that I now regret. (see image) LOOK at the size of this thing?! You can't even see the whole thing in this picture, and not to mention, there is another mini deck on the side of the house. What were we thinking? We thought, house-sitting, cable, VOD, cupboards full of food... ya, I miss the condo.

3. We did offer to paint my grandparents deck too. Hopefully the rain stops in the near future so we can finish #2, then get on to #3. Luckily #3 is a lot smaller... but wait... I just remembered they have a mini side deck too. Is this a trend? When I get a house, I'm making sure my deck is tiny or made out of something that doesn't require painting ;)

Come back sunshine! We've got work to do!!

new project!

So, my girl Sophia and I started a newbie. Paperhearts Studio is our new collaboration of simple designed invites and customized calligraphy.

Why not do something we absolutely love?!

Hope you like!

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enough said: scarves.

also, great new design! designlovefest

Friday, June 3, 2011

NZ goodies

YUM! Check out these tasties from NZ that Mickle brought back. A variety of my Kiwi loves: pineapple lumps, chocolate fish, whittakers chocolate bars, blue earth rose hip oil and face lotions, note pads, my favorite tampons :) , a cutie pie photo album, wristlets made by Hera and a CD from Hera.

Not to mention two beautiful books with messages from the beauties of Christchurch and Wellington. It really makes me want to go back. Like now.

The best gift of all was perhaps the man himself. Just as I remember him, maybe even better. He's on his way to fitting right in! Especially with this moose pillow that I SO wish we could ship to our mate Keeley.

xo Mickle pie.