Monday, April 18, 2011

spring cleaning

I guess I've been blogging since 2008? Whoa. The same banner for 3.5 years. My goodness.

Since I'm unemployed right now I thought, this is the perfect time not only to clean out my closet (ridding of clothes to make room for a man. I must be in love!), but to refresh my wee blog. Of course it had to be handwritten. It's just my style... and me. I reach for my favorite nib and away I go.

A simple site, all white, showcasing whatever it is I blog about...

Any feedback friends? I will say... it was difficult writing it... to flush or to blush. Hopefully the heart at the end will lead to the latter conclusion. Blush.


  1. ugh. It's so pretty, Justine. Your handwritten script is my absolute fav. BEAUTIFUL... just like you :)

    And, good golly, you MUST be in love. Mike and I have been married for 3 years and he still only has one drawer in my dresser! haha.

  2. Blush. Thanks Christine!

    And don't worry... I only took out 1 bag... it barely made a dent! hehe!