Thursday, April 21, 2011

casio lovin'

You know how I totally dig casio watches? Well I do. Ever since finding an epic gold one in Cambodia, I've been in love. Knowing that my little $3 timepiece wasn't go to live much longer, I found a gold databank casio in Hong Kong. Phenom! I wear that little purchase everyday. They are affordable and good watches (when they aren't knockoffs ;) sorry lil rainbow lights).

My newest find, via 17 inch heart is just as cute as my little casios but less timeless? Ha. How adorable are these wrist pieces, by Denise Julia Reytan. This timepiece sans time is to remind us to forget about time and enjoy life. SWOON!

Seriously check the site, mega talent, candy for my eyes.


  1. omg, I LOVE this. Watches end up functioning more as bracelets when I where them anyways so might as well go with it. Great find, lady.

    p.s. we should meet up for lunch next week.