Friday, April 22, 2011

earth day

Let us remember that our earth mother is delicate.

Let us remember to treat her well and she will aid us in the daily nutrients that we need. Thank you mother earth. You are a beauty and I hate to see you broken. Sending you a thousand times more love today, happy day to you. Happy earth day.

happy easter

For Easter this year, my beautifully ethereal mother made the best cards! Opting to do something more personal, rather than hopping rabbits and eggs, she's created a wonderland for me and a gypsy romance card for Jasmine. Now these aren't so much as cards... they are more like mini three dimensional booklets showcasing a cutie pie story.

They are beautifully layered and intricately crafted.

One thousand thank yous Mother, for parting with these little creatures for us. We love them!

Happy Easter mates!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

casio lovin'

You know how I totally dig casio watches? Well I do. Ever since finding an epic gold one in Cambodia, I've been in love. Knowing that my little $3 timepiece wasn't go to live much longer, I found a gold databank casio in Hong Kong. Phenom! I wear that little purchase everyday. They are affordable and good watches (when they aren't knockoffs ;) sorry lil rainbow lights).

My newest find, via 17 inch heart is just as cute as my little casios but less timeless? Ha. How adorable are these wrist pieces, by Denise Julia Reytan. This timepiece sans time is to remind us to forget about time and enjoy life. SWOON!

Seriously check the site, mega talent, candy for my eyes.

Monday, April 18, 2011

creature... in my hair?

Is this not the most interesting hairpiece ever?!

Browsing Etsy's homepage I quickly became engaged with this little octo. I would absolutely hands down wear this in my hair with crazy curls flying all over the tentacles. Or how adore would it look on a scarf, snuggled right up into your neck?

Oh my heart, they have one in gold!

spring cleaning

I guess I've been blogging since 2008? Whoa. The same banner for 3.5 years. My goodness.

Since I'm unemployed right now I thought, this is the perfect time not only to clean out my closet (ridding of clothes to make room for a man. I must be in love!), but to refresh my wee blog. Of course it had to be handwritten. It's just my style... and me. I reach for my favorite nib and away I go.

A simple site, all white, showcasing whatever it is I blog about...

Any feedback friends? I will say... it was difficult writing it... to flush or to blush. Hopefully the heart at the end will lead to the latter conclusion. Blush.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

aminal love. illustrator love.

I'm not sure when I became such an animal lover (it's definitely recent, to the point where I just want to be surrounded by them!). We know I've always been an illustrator lover. Ping Zhu is my new found favorite! Originally spotted on D*Sponge, I'm in love.

As I follow the brush strokes, the simplicity of the shapes creating the forms is magnetizing.

I feel like these tiggers are besties.

Not only are her animals adoring, her portraits are even more eye-catching. Perfectly shaped. Love.

R & E

Remember Raymond, awesome illustrator who started the Royal Bison? And his talented wife Elizabeth (former designer of Nokomis)? They are one talented mega couple. D*Sponge posted on their rad space in Montreal. It's absolutely unreal for a 1000 sq. ft. space. Great job R&E!

This stunning clothing rack that Elizabeth made makes me tickle!! How simply beautiful!
This is actually the BEST idea ever for cats food and water. Glorious.

And how sweet is this? Raymond's hand written note. Swoon.
For more on their space check out the post from D*Sponge.

Images from D*Sponge

Saturday, April 16, 2011

valerydesignwrks for SCARS

Valerydesignwrks has donated these luscious card prints to SCARS , an animal rescue organization. The gradients and textures make me want to melt right in and snuggle these pups.

I myself have been looking into the details of fostering some animals when the time is right (and the home is right). Really though, how can you not just fall in love with them and keep them all? Clyde from the Edmonton Humane Society melts my heart.

Since my pal Roxy passed whilst I was living in New Zealand, I've been missing the big sloppy husky kisses; I feel like Juno here could give me some big wolf kisses.

If you foster pets, I heart you! And I can't wait to live in a space that allows pets!!

loyal loot

Prairie House. Adore! This is very Canadiana.

Loyal Loot is a fabulous collective with super clean designs that will turn your home into a pristine display case.

Monsieur Dressup has to be my fav! And when I get a bigger house with an appropriate place to display this invisible man, he will be mine!

Friday, April 15, 2011

more jewels.

I can't get enough. One site is leading me to another and another and another and they are all ending up being jewel sites. Oh dear.

Tenthousandthings is different though. It's art. It's art in the most fabulous way. It's sculpture. It's organic. It's delicate like jewels should be. It's intriguing like art should be. It's a win win.

jewels. gold jewels.

It's no secret that I have a love of gold. Gold anything really, but especially jewels.

I've just recently stumbled upon Bario Neal, handcrafted with reclaimed metals in Phili. Can we all please take a look at these eroded earrings, tilt our heads, possibly squint our eyes, then nod and say, yes, yes I do adore these little nuggets.

And how about this knotted ring? We've seen these before, but there is something very hand crafted about this twisted delicate string of gold.

Finally, perhaps my favorite, this organic band with a simple diamond. It's so natural, it's like it's been shaped from the root of a treasure tree.

Absolutely beautiful. And ethical!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My sister and I are trying to only buy and burn 100% natural beeswax. It's natural, smells like honey and cleans the air. Perfection. Just you wait...

Now really, how cute are these candles by pollenArts? I came across these on etsy yesterday and fell in love. These are prefect. I would hate to burn them!

Mums Day

Speaking of Anthropologie, I finally took my mother there last night after a friend told us about some fab markdowns. My mom left the store with 2 gorgeous navy sweaters and I left with a Mothers Day gift.

It's so hard to buy for someone who has so much! She laid her eyes on these cutie pie measuring spoons and instantly fell in love. All she said was 'Mothers Day!' and I got the 'hint.'

Can we all please take a look at these? I'm in love. Dear Mom, it's my birthday in... 8 months? Too far away?

my mug.

My beautiful Kassey and the ever stunning Sophia got a little somethin' somethin' for the ladies who pitched in for Kassey's bridal shower. Being the mega trendsetting sisters they are, they totally hit a home run with this mug from Anthropologie. Swoon.

I'm having a hard time putting this mug down. I must say, with the sun shining, my fingers laced through the handle, crisp citrus water is a winner!

Thanks ladies! xo.

Friday, April 8, 2011

cup of jewels

Can we all please just take a 'sigh' of swoon here?!

Martha does it again.

I would probably need one hundred bowls and saucers... let the thirfting begin!!


Some little food tags for Kassey's bridal shower tomorrow! Weeeeee!