Friday, March 11, 2011

pen & ink

My dream job (at this stage of my life) would be to play with quills, inks and be a calligrapher.

Obviously much work and practice needs to be made, especially since my hands haven't touched a proper nib in 7 months. I just miss it and can't wait to get home, since Sophia and I have 600 wedding invitations to hand address for our lovely Kassey!

Below are the Save the Dates that Sophia and I designed together. With a big fat Greek wedding, there were many spelling mistakes and tossed out envelopes, on my part; but it was so giddy sharing this time with someone who loves calligraphy as much as I do.

Above are the envelopes that I hand addressed for a self-promotion piece for McRobbie Optamedia. My fingers loved the expressive large format type.

My inspiration of course, the best I've seen yet, Betsy Dunlap, she's phenomenal! She was born for this. Honestly, I can't stop staring! She's brilliant! Love, love.

(top image by Sophia, middle image by Me, bottom image by B Dunlap)


  1. I think yours are pretty damn brilliant too.

    p.s. I just love this little corner of yours.