Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hera sings...

There is something about this Icelandic beauty that I can't get enough of. I've been reunited with my laptop now after 7 months and am glued to iTunes sampling the sounds of Hera.

Maybe it's because her songs remind me of the happy times at Pomeroys, or the Gap Filler that Mike and I attended to watch this quirky blondie. She sang some of her Icelandic tunes here that I heard for the first time and was frozen by the twists of her tongue, the happy beat of her guitar and the pretty hums.

Or maybe it's because I got to know Hera and her magnetic personality. From doing nails at a party to playing games in the park, this girl IS the full package.

Or maybe it's because her voice is just pure beauty.

All of the above.

Hera snuck behind the bar at Poms to catch a quick pic with Ava and I. Hera sandwich love!

So friends, go to iTunes and be mesmerized. Rattle my Bones (not on iTunes just yet, but you can buy it on her site) and Adrian are my favorites. I must have had an Adrian who's rattled my bones because I can't get enough of these two songs!

(top image by Gorilla Pictures)

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