Saturday, March 12, 2011

doe a deer

Cafe Cartolina always pleases the eye. Fiona has led me to Mister Finch as she admired his moths. And I've found something that I absolutely adore. I want this weeping fox on my wall as soon as I can! At first glance he wasn't my favorite, but then I felt his tears. He is making magic with those tears, magic that's consumed me.

This got me thinking, there was a trend of mounted heads for awhile... I'm not sure if it's still a trend, but I still like it. I myself even have metal antlers hanging above my doorway at home. There is something quite mystical about the mounted head. Like you're being watched.

Growing up in a highly hunted province and having a neighbor that used to hang his hunt in the garage has prepared me for seeing taxidermy specimens. I love them. They remind me of my grandparents house, a head in every room. It sounds morbid, but it's what they used to do.

That being said, as much as I want one of my grandfathers catch above my fireplace, I do LOVE the take that many designers have taken.

These wooden trophy heads are fabulous! I love that they have a goat! ha!

This is one clever piece that I came across on etsy. Paper resin deer head. Creating beauty out of a potentially cruel hunt.

This embroidered piece by doe-c-doe melts my heart! How adorable and imaginative is this!

Finally my favorite. Cold Comfort by Rachel Denny. SO warm.

I'm pretty sure if my wallet was big enough, I'd have walls filled with heads. Morbid but with these harmless takes, it makes for beautiful wilderness art.

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  1. love the knitted deer... all are interesting and different!