Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beautiful bodoni

I love books. Even more so, I love pop up books. Whilst in New Zealand, there was a cute store in Poplar Lane called Blue Earth that sold mostly tasty handmade soaps and smooth oils. Surprisingly they sold the most beautiful childrens pop up books! Unfortunately I was unable to purchase one as a backpacker and an adult... but check out the images below.

A pop up book for designers by Victoria Macey! Typographic. Illustrative. So creative.

And of course a little legend in case you could tell it was a quail. Swoon!

Be sure to check out Victoria's personal identity. I'm in love.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hera sings...

There is something about this Icelandic beauty that I can't get enough of. I've been reunited with my laptop now after 7 months and am glued to iTunes sampling the sounds of Hera.

Maybe it's because her songs remind me of the happy times at Pomeroys, or the Gap Filler that Mike and I attended to watch this quirky blondie. She sang some of her Icelandic tunes here that I heard for the first time and was frozen by the twists of her tongue, the happy beat of her guitar and the pretty hums.

Or maybe it's because I got to know Hera and her magnetic personality. From doing nails at a party to playing games in the park, this girl IS the full package.

Or maybe it's because her voice is just pure beauty.

All of the above.

Hera snuck behind the bar at Poms to catch a quick pic with Ava and I. Hera sandwich love!

So friends, go to iTunes and be mesmerized. Rattle my Bones (not on iTunes just yet, but you can buy it on her site) and Adrian are my favorites. I must have had an Adrian who's rattled my bones because I can't get enough of these two songs!

(top image by Gorilla Pictures)

doe a deer

Cafe Cartolina always pleases the eye. Fiona has led me to Mister Finch as she admired his moths. And I've found something that I absolutely adore. I want this weeping fox on my wall as soon as I can! At first glance he wasn't my favorite, but then I felt his tears. He is making magic with those tears, magic that's consumed me.

This got me thinking, there was a trend of mounted heads for awhile... I'm not sure if it's still a trend, but I still like it. I myself even have metal antlers hanging above my doorway at home. There is something quite mystical about the mounted head. Like you're being watched.

Growing up in a highly hunted province and having a neighbor that used to hang his hunt in the garage has prepared me for seeing taxidermy specimens. I love them. They remind me of my grandparents house, a head in every room. It sounds morbid, but it's what they used to do.

That being said, as much as I want one of my grandfathers catch above my fireplace, I do LOVE the take that many designers have taken.

These wooden trophy heads are fabulous! I love that they have a goat! ha!

This is one clever piece that I came across on etsy. Paper resin deer head. Creating beauty out of a potentially cruel hunt.

This embroidered piece by doe-c-doe melts my heart! How adorable and imaginative is this!

Finally my favorite. Cold Comfort by Rachel Denny. SO warm.

I'm pretty sure if my wallet was big enough, I'd have walls filled with heads. Morbid but with these harmless takes, it makes for beautiful wilderness art.


Pink is on my mind.

(Images 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Friday, March 11, 2011

hearts to Japan

This image is heartwarming. These hearts are our future.

Stay strong Japan. The world is with you.


I LOVE mango pudding.

I always order it.

Only in Hong Kong have I ever seen it so delicately molded. Hong Kong Disney shaped it so appropriately as Mickey Mouse. Now this random Dim Sum joint crafted it into a beautiful wiggling koi fish. How delightful?! Not the best tasting, but by far the best looking!

pen & ink

My dream job (at this stage of my life) would be to play with quills, inks and be a calligrapher.

Obviously much work and practice needs to be made, especially since my hands haven't touched a proper nib in 7 months. I just miss it and can't wait to get home, since Sophia and I have 600 wedding invitations to hand address for our lovely Kassey!

Below are the Save the Dates that Sophia and I designed together. With a big fat Greek wedding, there were many spelling mistakes and tossed out envelopes, on my part; but it was so giddy sharing this time with someone who loves calligraphy as much as I do.

Above are the envelopes that I hand addressed for a self-promotion piece for McRobbie Optamedia. My fingers loved the expressive large format type.

My inspiration of course, the best I've seen yet, Betsy Dunlap, she's phenomenal! She was born for this. Honestly, I can't stop staring! She's brilliant! Love, love.

(top image by Sophia, middle image by Me, bottom image by B Dunlap)

3 days in

I'm not real sure how anyone handles the Long Distance Relationship whole thing.

Three days in and I'm already going bananas! I wake up in the night and roll over to nothing but an empty space and a cold pillow.

All I really want to do is make adventures already!

Let's make adventures mike, c'mooooon!


Ma. It's my last name and it means 'horse.' Funny enough, my partners last name means 'place of horses.' Weird? Ya, it is! All I want to do now is collect cute little horse figurines!

How eclectic are these little guys?


Ooooooh! Melt my heart over and over again. DreamFace is so magical. Looped in my mind, this dynamic duo plus 4 are so heart wrenching with their lyrics, so mystical with their beats and so dreamy with their looks.

These dreamers happen to be the best spread of the latest Georgie magazine, check it here. Ashley Champagne did an amazing shoot of the DF team. Ashley is an actual magician. She has such a way with light, I can't help but wonder if she carries a wand with her filled with glitter and glow.

Become a fan on facebook and dream a little sweeter dreamers.

Check DF's teaser vid here.

(top photo by Ashley Champagne, bottom photo by Justin Broadbent)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

just bella

I know this girl. Not only is she so fabulously styled (even when I see her in her pj's), but she's charismatic, gorgeous, sincere, amazing at photography and has beautiful taste.

She used to be my sole reader... she may still be my sole reader and I even remember her saying that she wanted to start a blog. It started as her honeymoon blog but it's blossomed into one of my favorite reads. The best thing about it, she's from my town! Love the locals. Share the love. Christine, you are magnificent! You are an inspiration!

Ready, set, go.

Seriously, how cute is this image?! Christine?! OMG, you're a gem!