Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pot of gold

happy st. patrick's day friends!

my friend mike and I got together to do a quick shoot with my sister painted up in green. here are a few of the snaps.

enjoy the green beer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

the rose garden

this weekend was the Advertising Club of Edmonton's annual ACE awards. ACE in Wonderland to be precise and it was much fun. from walking through the rabbit hole, having tea with Alice and the Hatter and admiring my little wine tags. glorious.

below is me and my rosie boys.

half of the MO team!


goofing off on stage.

congratulations to everyone who participated and all who won ACE awards. bravo.

more images.

Friday, March 5, 2010

paint the roses red

since wonderland is the theme of this weekend, I thought I should share another little hand drawn diddy that I did for work. McRobbie Optamedia is this years wine sponsor for the ACE in wonderland event, so 'drink me' tags were certainly in order.

below are some images I captured during the intense process.

more images.


been really into hand type. I'm trying my own hand at calligraphy. I'd like to have more tattoos with a little 'ting touch,' so I've drawn one up above. I've had many people comment on where it should go... and the strangest, yet most brilliant one was along my thigh... up and down. naturally, I mocked it up and it looks so sick! if I get it done, it'll be by far my favorite tattoo! now... just need to find the perfect artist.

as an aside, I saw the second image on a pia ulin's site. when I dream, I dream in this place. it was like a deja vu moment minus the balloons. I love you white room. xo.

miss wonderland

she reminds me of alice.
and the infamous tim burtons screening of alice in wonderland is starting today.
just lovely.
t'will be a wonderland weekend.
ACE in wonderland will be tomorrow.
stay tuned for a headpiece that I made for the glorious event.
toodle loo.

image source: anna wolf