Tuesday, January 26, 2010


is there such a thing as being typobsessed? yes. I do believe there is and I have become a whole hearted type addict, not that I wasn't before... but I was more of a computer generated typoholic. I'm now retreating back to the uni years where professors wouldn't give us access to computers until hand rendered sketches were produced and paint brushes were taken away (yes, this did actually happen to me in an oil class, thank goodness for palette knives).

give me a piece of paper, a torn piece of canvas, a notepad, a magazine... and I WILL doodle, scratch, sketch, and mark it with anything that's on my mind.

be inspired by type.

apologies for the lack of light, we don't have lightbulbs... art by candlelight, it's the new pink.


  1. can I say I'm impressed with your hand drawing abilities!! I can't draw hands or feets to save my life... they always look dwarfed! Bravo lady bravo!


  2. ooo! I love that hand with the words! You ARE a good hand drawer ;) I want to frame that!!