Friday, May 22, 2009

my heart

my heart misses the beach real bad today. the gritty sand, the salty ocean. oh I weep for you. this edmonton weather isn't cutting it. maui, come back to me!

(photos by Jaclyn Marks)

flipping through these photos reminds me that I never got to leap off this rock like I wanted to! now I must go back, just to keep that promise. mr. rock, I'll be back soon to squat, flail, and fly off of you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

booty booty pirate booty

so I was just in maui for a wedding (best couple ever ps) and as we're getting ready for the welcome party, I totally notice my friend wearing my fav jewelry designer! HELLO! can we just admire how hot this necklace looks on this neck! parfait amour mon cheri!

this necklace is so appropriately called the Pirate Booty... loooove it. if black ain't your thing, check out the other colours... gold (obviously, I love it) and the green one! unlucky that it's sold out but I definitely know why... hello... what a gem!

happy friday friends. be safe this long weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2009

maui lovin'

I'm off to maui with many friends for an epic wedding of two truly amazing people!

I look forward most to (in no particular order):
wearing dresses and raybans
sipping mai tai's
pool parties at the condo
maui'ed love

happy friday friends!

Photo cred: Swank Pad