Sunday, December 13, 2009

fallen angel

just sifting through my photos, and this angel slipped my mind... my sister and I were walking to the grocery store when I ran to this little angel. RIP hollow heart.

I love actually.


I watch this movie every holiday season! xox!
let's all love each other wholly this holiday season!


Meet Pan and Hook...

And what we did on our last fall days... sword fight anyone?

I turned 25... in November... quarter life crisis: dress up as Peter Pan and have a Neverland party: check.

Thank you to all who joined us in the lost boy forest and pirate ship! It was the best birthday ever and I have to say, I didn't mind at all turning the big 25. Maybe I still have pixie dust in my ear?

Photography: Ashley Champagne
Makeup: Nicola Gavins
These 2 are the best! xo ladies!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I won't grow up

not now, not ever.

but I will tell you, tomorrow is the start of what will be a very interesting... thing... stay tuned.

good night never, neverland!

Monday, September 28, 2009

swoon, drool, flourish!


isn't this luscious juicy eye candy!! Kehinde Wiley, you've got some mad skills!

via sycamore street press, you too make me swoon.

I want to hug

this scarf! just wait till you feel it! I want to hug it and cuddle it and wrap myself into it! my super talented weaver'tastic friend loomed this beauty. and let me tell you... it's a stunner!

I think I staked claim on it while we were watching movies on my couch twisting the ends of many weavings and this little purple monster was hiding amongst the pile.

tasha, I want it, I need it. I love it! you are so talented! gimme gimme gimme! it's getting so chilly out there.

see more of the great tasha's goodies here.

Friday, July 31, 2009


... of a luscious long weekend. may romeo whisper sweet nothings into your ear all night long.

happy friday friends.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

parlour = swoon

this issue of parlour actually makes me swoon. not only do I recognize a lot of the faces inside, they did an in wonderland shoot, helllllo! right up my alley (I like to think of myself as the mad hatter himself). keep up the phenom work parlour. you do edmonton P R O U D !

hearts to nicola

um, hello!

I met nicola through a friend at work and this chick is uber talented! her skills continue to amaze me. who knew makeup could be so emotional.

nicola works with a boat load of local talent. swooon! check out her magic here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my heart misses


I didn't think I'd miss someone so much. but we're close. and it's usually me going on all the fun trips and coming home with goodies, not the other way around.

NY, you'd better be treating my sis right!

Friday, May 22, 2009

my heart

my heart misses the beach real bad today. the gritty sand, the salty ocean. oh I weep for you. this edmonton weather isn't cutting it. maui, come back to me!

(photos by Jaclyn Marks)

flipping through these photos reminds me that I never got to leap off this rock like I wanted to! now I must go back, just to keep that promise. mr. rock, I'll be back soon to squat, flail, and fly off of you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

booty booty pirate booty

so I was just in maui for a wedding (best couple ever ps) and as we're getting ready for the welcome party, I totally notice my friend wearing my fav jewelry designer! HELLO! can we just admire how hot this necklace looks on this neck! parfait amour mon cheri!

this necklace is so appropriately called the Pirate Booty... loooove it. if black ain't your thing, check out the other colours... gold (obviously, I love it) and the green one! unlucky that it's sold out but I definitely know why... hello... what a gem!

happy friday friends. be safe this long weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2009

maui lovin'

I'm off to maui with many friends for an epic wedding of two truly amazing people!

I look forward most to (in no particular order):
wearing dresses and raybans
sipping mai tai's
pool parties at the condo
maui'ed love

happy friday friends!

Photo cred: Swank Pad

Sunday, April 26, 2009


so, I guess when you have your mind on something you just got to have it right? maybe? yes? clubmasters were on my mind. oh raybans, you so doooown!

yugas elder, I heart you

oh me! oh my! yugas elder, the new collection by Kat Marks is mak'en me 'blush! it's inquisitively romatic.

Friday, April 24, 2009

floral, how I want you

has anyone ever noticed Nicole Richie's fabulous style? ya... she's definitely on my top 5 style icons. her hippie glam is effortless.

I have an epic wedding to go to in Maui and I so wanted to find a similar dress to the one above. I just love it! but alas in the minute spare time that I had to go shopping I couldn't find a good quality floral floor length getup. sure, there are lots of dresses out there but I want chiffon! not cotton-jersey! c'mon buyers... quality!!!

anyways... I ended up finding this little gem at forever 21. it does really scream me, not so much Maui... thoughts?

and if any of you know where I can find some slippery, flirty, floor length gowns, you let me know.

joyeux vendredi!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

hearting on rayban

I've always been an aviators girl. but I've always wanted the classic raybans.
I'm crushing on these baaaaaaad.
Tonight's mission... clubmaster raybans. I want you now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

hoot hoot

hoot hoot! I have the majority of my friends addicted to dotted loop / glam vintage these days... and my BFF just sent me an email with this as the header "I thought of you when I saw this." HOW CUTE! and how me... wink wink.

the fabulous teresa has posted some new goodies on her site, be sure to check them out before they sell out!

and how could I not display this little number for you lovelies! roses are blue earrings, I'm saving my pennies for you!

and theeeeese... really? I think they were made for ming and ting!
we have a fondness for cameos.
we like to wear one long earring.
and we like to share.

is it weird to buy earrings for a birthday gift and only give them one? ming would understand ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh snap!

heard the best news today... my fav fab designer teresa from dotted loop is now selling in my very own home town Spruce Grove. Social Script, a store of fashion, music and art is now carrying the new spring collection... gooooodies!! I'm totally swinging by when I go home for a visit, PS they are so closed on Sundays :(

dotted loop is also launching a new website where you can shop online, sweet beans!! and their introducing a men's collection... sexy time.

check out my stunning earrings above from the dotted loop collection. LOVE THEM! love you!

Friday, February 6, 2009

electro BLUSH

the blush connection has had 2 shows within the last week and they have both been so successful thanks to you lovelies! stay tuned for some private shows at savoy and some more future shows at the urban lounge.

become a facebook fan here.


sweet venom

collaborations at their best.

sweet carousel
and kashvenoms create sweet venom.

the show is tonight and I'm blushing already by these photos by Mariusz Sikorski.

le bison

I know... it's been so long... blogging and I were on a break. but now I'm back and am delighted to tell you about the Royal Bison. THIS WEEKEND! come visit and get your lover something local this valentine's day.