Monday, December 15, 2008

blush wrap

it seems that I like to take pictures at night where the lighting just isn't right. oh well... I'm a designer not a photographer ;)

so, as promised (and very late) here are some pics of my gift/message/blush wrap.

printed in metallic gold + purple, metallic gold + teal, and metallic gold + green. fun!
27" x 39" printed on 30% PCW + FSC paper 70 lb text paper. the idea is gift wrap without the card. just write your message in the boxes!

it's lovely, but I may be biased.

I'll be looking to start an etsy store someday soon, so stay tuned. if you're from my neck of the woods and are interested in purchasing please message me and we'll discuss our love of paper.


  1. My mom opened her birthday presents on Sunday wrapped in your glorious message wrap... we watched her open them for what felt like an hour. Oh yes, she saved it, it's just so darn pretty ;)

  2. Yes! It is lovely :) The recipient of some wrap is also keeping hers ... and I hardly want to part with it !!

    I think the toughest part of setting up an etsy store is figuring out the shipping to different places. Very annoying (Canada Post that is, they can be incredibly non-helpful).