Wednesday, November 19, 2008

true love comes in paper form

great news... I found my camera but what I thought was it's charger turned out to belong to some other camera? yeah, no idea how I got it, but perhaps someone has mine? I hope so. please return it. otherwise all you will see will be yucky photos of beautiful art! such as below...

I DO APOLOGIZE for the rancid photo (taken by my iPhone, so not impressed).

BUT I couldn't wait any longer, I picked up my message wrap today thanks to the help of my two besties hauling up 1500 sheets of 27" x 39" glorious paper up 3 flights of stairs, you guys are so rad, I heart you.

so the colors are pretty off in this image, especially the rich eggplant, it looks brown here, sigh... and it matches my rich purple carpet in my bedroom, wow, can you guess when my place was built?

anyways, so not the point, let's just talk about paper and our love of paper and how paper just makes us smile. now this is the 2nd time I've printed on coated paper and I must say, I'm in love. it's like that first lustful shiver when meeting a new boy or finding a vintage gold ring. heaven.

I can't wait to find a descent camera to share this true love with you properly.

right... better yet, swing by the bison.

royal bison, end of the month. holla.

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