Sunday, November 2, 2008

pin cushions, oh my!

I'm back from China! and there is just so much to tell you! I'll be posting some China pics as soon as I load them so stay tuned.

in the meantime... I had to share my most recent pin cushions! the image doesn't do it justice because those babeeee pin cushions (in the front) are just to die for! they are just little babes and I will tear a little every time one leaves me, sigh. I'll have plenty more for the upcoming Royal Bison, which I'm tres excited for. I participated last year and it's just a wonderful community of artists, crafters, individuals. you'll all have to try and make an appearance to just get what I'm talking about.

I'll also be printing gift wrap (my newest endeavor) so check back to see how that turns out!

OH and I just got my very first Gocco in the mail. I'm nervous and so excited to try it out but one thing at a time, one thing at a time.

cheers friends.

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