Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hearts to dotted loop

sooo, I recently went to a local craft fair and fell in love with a Vancouver based jeweler. and I've finally remembered to look this designer up... Dotted Loop... stunning work... seriously.

the designer creates masterpieces with local, reclaimed vintage and antique materials. and her work is sick! the image above is from the Dotted Loop collection, but if you're budget is as small as mine, you might find something more wallet friendly from the Glam Vintage Remix collection by Dotted Loop. so fun!


  1. *drool* Those are amazing.

    In case we had too much wine.. I think these are the two sites I talked about:

    Your glyphs inspired me (y'know.. to slack off at work)-- where do you get yours?

    (email me at work! nicole at ideamarket dot ca)

  2. Thanks so much for loving Dotted Loop! Just so you know, we will be at the Edmonton Stop 'n Shop November 13th to the 15th!