Friday, October 10, 2008

joyeux vendredi

Oh me, Oh my. I'm off to China on Tuesday so there will either be a plethora of posts from my trip or a mass email to all my closest buddies, which would mean no posts. I'll have to see how easy things will be. I can't wait, I'm itching to get home and pack (very lightly – so I can buy more)!!

And since my friend Tasha is constantly reminding me of turkey, have a lovely Thanksgiving. let's all be thankful for what we have friends.

happy turkey weekend darlings!

Friday, October 3, 2008

joyeux vendredi

today I leave you with some keeewwwwlllllll artwork. kewl!

Hannah Stouffer she reads my dreams?!

via Sub Studio

happy friday friends.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hearts to dotted loop

sooo, I recently went to a local craft fair and fell in love with a Vancouver based jeweler. and I've finally remembered to look this designer up... Dotted Loop... stunning work... seriously.

the designer creates masterpieces with local, reclaimed vintage and antique materials. and her work is sick! the image above is from the Dotted Loop collection, but if you're budget is as small as mine, you might find something more wallet friendly from the Glam Vintage Remix collection by Dotted Loop. so fun!

world vegetarian day

vegetarians unite! ok, well I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm certainly substituting a lot of soy products for meat/dairy. I'm lactose intolerant but I do tend to cheat (hence the cheddar in the photo... oh and the sour cream...)... soy cheese just sometimes doesn't cut it, and is there such a thing as soy sour cream? probably.

anyways, anyways... since recently moving out with my sista, I've done loads of cooking! I've gone from loathing cooking to walking to the farmers market and filling my tote with fresh veggies and cooking up a storm! it's fun! I love it! once I get a table, I may even invite you over for some of my new favorite dishes... one of them being vegetarian beet chili (pictured above – we got the idea from our friend Ruthie)! made with delicious beets and carrots from the strathcona farmers market and some nice soy ground.

sweet. so happy vegetarian day friends. and p.s. October just happens to be vegetarian month! if you have any great recipe sites... do pass them along ;) and maybe try eating veg for a day?