Thursday, August 28, 2008

hearts to house

sweet sassy, was I ever pleased with my mail today. this is what I got! Ginger Diamond... hahaha sweet.

I'm a newbie to House Industries, they are based in Yorlyn, Deleware... and if I were to compare them it would be to Canada's Veer.

anyways, anyways... I have no clue how I heard of them, probably from another blogger (so again, my apologies for the mis-credit), but it was this that drew me in... I want it so bad! but I don't even want to imagine the shipping on this beautiful piece of work!

right, so from what little I know about House, they are a super studio of lettering. and we know how much I adore type! you MUST check out their case studies, absolutely beautiful type. stunning. stunning work.

thanks House! I can't wait to receive more newsletters.

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