Thursday, June 5, 2008

mad hatter love

I was asked to be my best friends maid of honor for her wedding just 2 months ago... the special date for the two love birds is in july?! 'tis the season right? I've been knee deep in invitation designing, party planning and vintage inspiration. I'm planning, what I'm hoping will be, the most incredible bridal shower of my time. the wedding itself is will be a mix of rich colors and patterns... a vintage contemporary vibe. so, naturally, I'm planning a vintage contemporary shower... with a 1920's flapper girl flare with a focus on hats. I just love hats. I could possibly be the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland

some killah inspiration that I just had to share: kankalin hats... simply stunning hats and beautiful photographs.

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    This lady is booked up til July... but her stuff is super drool-worthy.