Friday, June 13, 2008

joyeux vendredi

so, did I mention that I might be going to New York at the end of the month? yeah, I just found out myself. it's tentative as I'm waiting on my sister to book her plane ticket, lucky duck is going for work?! I wish my company would send me to fabulous places like NY ;) hint hint.

since this is so last minute, I'm very anxious... I know, it's not definite yet, but c'mon, it's New York! the city of fashion, art, architecture, love. being that it's my first visit and I'm on a time crunch, I would appreciate all the help/tips from those who have been there! cross your fingers that I get to go!

happy friday friends.


  1. oh lucky you! my first stop is always Bergdorf Goodman, which is the shopping mecca! i'm actually planning on going to the Brooklyn Bridge too, just for a piece of the city's history.
    i also suggest you go to the "top of the rock" at Rockefeller Plaza...wonderful pictures from up there!!

  2. Walk everywhere. Seriously. People who drive or cab miss out on all the litte store that are awesome. Also, eat every chocolate chip cookie you can find. NY has the best.

    Lastly, it's nasty hot there, muggy. So be prepaired.

  3. fabulous ladies!
    and great tip on the walking stacy! it will certainly benefit all the chocolate chips cookies that I'll be on the lookout for :)

  4. Oh! How exciting! Completely love New York. Here are a few more ideas:

    Definitely check out Barney's and Bergdorf, it's true about the walking {although I was almost always in heels, which may not be the best for that}, and The Met is always great.