Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I heart marc

if you didn't already know, marc jacobs is my dream. he's my favorite designer and the best thing about him, is he started marc by marc jacobs making his beautiful pieces that much closer for a little graphic designer, aka me, to afford (when on sale).

during my lunch breaks, I like to take a walk... a walk to Holt Renfrew... just to visit all the pretty things that are ridiculously over priced, but still fun to look at. so last week, I ventured down there to meet a friend, naturally I hit up the marc jacobs section first and to my dream there was a sale rack, a marc sale rack!

a marc dress called my name, I swear quite literally, but it was still too expensive but the lovely Melissa (whom is a marc by marc jacobs specialist!!) ran the tag and it was double discounted! (such a fabulous term, I wish everything I wanted was "double discounted") so if you are from the lovely edmonton, head on over to Holt for their glorious sale. the NOW or NEVER sale will start in about a month... meaning lots of sales but slimmer selection. that darling little taupe and red dress you see in the first image there is on sale just waiting to be worn, I'd love to have it but my size is already gone... blast.

p.s. mr. blue trench... I love you.

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  1. I;m going to Guru digital media on jasper ave always looking for contacts, Hey my name is Jacob but those are not my cloths, go to that sale its across the street from my school