Tuesday, April 22, 2008

savor earth week

good day friends. though you might be dearly traumatized by this weeks tremendous snow fall, I'd like to remind you that it's earth week! hug a tree, or rather since it's blizzarding, hug your wooden desk and thank it for dying for you. and perhaps in return you can plant a tree? change a lightbulb? here are some suggestions compliments of the Alberta Dairy Council Milk Container Recycling Program:

Monday: replace incandescent bulbs with compact bulbs.
>> with much discussion with the peeps in my office, there has been debate that these "energy friendly" bulbs aren't so friendly... so perhaps the conclusion is candle light. how romantic. and FYI 100% natural beezewax candles actually cleanse the air... bonus!

Tuesday: leave the car at home and walk or take public transit to work. it will be good for you an good for air quality.

Wednesday: plant a tree in your yard or local park. trees help filter pollutants from the air.
>> being that there is two feet of snow outside, perhaps an option would be to buy some seeds from the local farmers market and plant some of your own herbs. once spring eventually hits, we'll be in the tree planting mode!

Thursday: make dinner from locally grown foods. choosing foods that aren't shipped long distances saves fuel which cuts green house gas emissions.
>> farmers market... hit it up yo!

Friday: try an environmentally friendly cleaning product.
>> I know some of you don't like using the typical vinegar/lemon/water mix... so may I suggest METHOD products... they smell dreamy.

Saturday: take unused electronics to a recycling depot.
>> if they are still working, perhaps you can sell/trade/give-away.

Sunday: take a walk and enjoy a healthier environment.
>> you should do this everyday! try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, your heart will thank you one day.

I know, I know, there is lots of snow outside making earth week a little miserable, but it doesn't have to be. savor it. prolong it. adapt these changes to your lifestyle. love your earth.

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