Friday, February 1, 2008

OH an EcoButton!

There are a handful of blogs that I visit daily. being one of my favorites. Yesterday afternoon I came across a post that I couldn't help but shake my head at. I'm still shaking my head. 

The EcoButton. Oooh, it sounds fancy. Like some "EasyButton" to save the world. Ooh la la. This product plugs in to your USB port and by the simple push of a button it puts your computer into energy saving mode (ie sleep).

I have two complaints about this product:

1. False Advertising. It's never a good idea. I can understand why they would want the fabulous iMac to promote their product. I mean c'mon, look at it's beauty. But to then state that this useless product only works on Windows based PCs. Even if I wanted this EcoButton, I couldn't even have it... how heartbreaking.

2. Really?! an EcoButton? Are we getting that lazy that we can't even "sleep" our computers? If you are using a MAC I strongly suggest you set up expose to customize the "sleep" setting. A simple drag of the mouse will automatically sleep your computer. wow, brilliance, you wouldn't think we'd need an extra device for this? Being that I'm not keen (nor haven't used) a PC in years, I still think one can change the settings for an automatic sleep function or simply turn off your computer. Not hard. 

What astounds me is that people will actually purchase this kitschy EcoButton. They probably think that they are "being green" in doing so. But I assure you there are simpler ways that don't include the production/purchasing/shipping/environmental costs. 


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