Tuesday, February 19, 2008

life's interview

A friend and I took a trip to the mountains this weekend. To pass the time on the drive down, and to take a break from rockin' out to the iPod, we conducted interviews on each other. 

Alas, not your typical interview, life interviews. we asked each other questions like: what is your greatest accomplishment? what is your greatest regret? where do you see yourself going? who can't you live without? who can you live without? how do you portray yourself? how would you like to be portrayed? what makes you happy? and the list goes on... 

If ever you get a chance to share some time with a friend, I fully recommend conducting life interviews on each other. Not only do you learn more about yourself by taking the time to think about these things but you are learn loads about your pal. Your deepest thoughts and sincerest secrets are shared and a wave of accomplishment floods over you. You realize how good friends can be. And as intimidating as it is to tell your friend their flaws, it's about being honest, thus a bond unfolds and trust builds. It was grand.

"where dreamers blush and lovers shine. friends will reunite from past lovers with future dreams. bloomed from trust and truth."

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