Tuesday, February 19, 2008

life's interview

A friend and I took a trip to the mountains this weekend. To pass the time on the drive down, and to take a break from rockin' out to the iPod, we conducted interviews on each other. 

Alas, not your typical interview, life interviews. we asked each other questions like: what is your greatest accomplishment? what is your greatest regret? where do you see yourself going? who can't you live without? who can you live without? how do you portray yourself? how would you like to be portrayed? what makes you happy? and the list goes on... 

If ever you get a chance to share some time with a friend, I fully recommend conducting life interviews on each other. Not only do you learn more about yourself by taking the time to think about these things but you are learn loads about your pal. Your deepest thoughts and sincerest secrets are shared and a wave of accomplishment floods over you. You realize how good friends can be. And as intimidating as it is to tell your friend their flaws, it's about being honest, thus a bond unfolds and trust builds. It was grand.

"where dreamers blush and lovers shine. friends will reunite from past lovers with future dreams. bloomed from trust and truth."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy heart day

spread the love

to my beautiful peeps with two rose petals for lips. 

this is your day.
a day for dreamers and lovers. 
where dreamers blush and lovers shine. 

because blushing leads to giggles. 
and giggles lead to warm hearts.
warm hearts exude bliss.
bliss fills your soul. 

the greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. 
we are all human.

and this is true.
when you love, it's as if your heart grows so big, so big that it doesn't belong to you anymore.
it belongs to them. 

so love. and be loved. 
love is greatness. 

you + love = gold. 

Saturday, February 9, 2008

hearts to helvetica

A year since its release, I'm pleased to say that Edmonton finally got a chance to view Helvetica: the film last night. It was fab, like I thought it would be and surprisingly funny. Hearing what famous designers had to say about the typeface was insightful and entertaining. I mean, of course David Carson would hate it! but I must admit that I was most surprised by Erik Spiekermann... hilarious.

Helvetica is a typeface that I was enthralled with in University after a guest typography professor from London insisted I use it in a project. His rationale was "it's easy to read. it flows. it doesn't take away from the design." And he was right, it is so neutral that we don't even notice it being used around us. Celebrating it's 50th birthday, Helvetica is present in your everyday routine. It's just there. It's like oxygen, we have to breathe so we have to use Helvetica

On my drive home I tried to spot what was Helvetica and what was not. I still need some practice but it was entertaining none the less. 

Now a test... let's see how good you are: Arial or helvetica?

It was great for Edmonton to finally host and event like this one. So props to GDC, DSO, Coast Paper and all the other sponsors for making it happen.

peace & type.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

edmonton fashion exists

A pure Edmonton fashion magazine, Runway. It's local and it's a great start featuring local designers and boutiques.

And it makes me blush to present my sista Jasmine in a spread for Sophia's. More of my rock'a star here.

Friday, February 1, 2008

truth in advertising

"More than 300,000 children are sexually abused in Germany every year"

Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Germany

Simple graphics provide an effective, powerful message. 

Brilliantly scary. 

OH an EcoButton!

There are a handful of blogs that I visit daily. Treehugger.com being one of my favorites. Yesterday afternoon I came across a post that I couldn't help but shake my head at. I'm still shaking my head. 

The EcoButton. Oooh, it sounds fancy. Like some "EasyButton" to save the world. Ooh la la. This product plugs in to your USB port and by the simple push of a button it puts your computer into energy saving mode (ie sleep).

I have two complaints about this product:

1. False Advertising. It's never a good idea. I can understand why they would want the fabulous iMac to promote their product. I mean c'mon, look at it's beauty. But to then state that this useless product only works on Windows based PCs. Even if I wanted this EcoButton, I couldn't even have it... how heartbreaking.

2. Really?! an EcoButton? Are we getting that lazy that we can't even "sleep" our computers? If you are using a MAC I strongly suggest you set up expose to customize the "sleep" setting. A simple drag of the mouse will automatically sleep your computer. wow, brilliance, you wouldn't think we'd need an extra device for this? Being that I'm not keen (nor haven't used) a PC in years, I still think one can change the settings for an automatic sleep function or simply turn off your computer. Not hard. 

What astounds me is that people will actually purchase this kitschy EcoButton. They probably think that they are "being green" in doing so. But I assure you there are simpler ways that don't include the production/purchasing/shipping/environmental costs.