Saturday, February 9, 2008

hearts to helvetica

A year since its release, I'm pleased to say that Edmonton finally got a chance to view Helvetica: the film last night. It was fab, like I thought it would be and surprisingly funny. Hearing what famous designers had to say about the typeface was insightful and entertaining. I mean, of course David Carson would hate it! but I must admit that I was most surprised by Erik Spiekermann... hilarious.

Helvetica is a typeface that I was enthralled with in University after a guest typography professor from London insisted I use it in a project. His rationale was "it's easy to read. it flows. it doesn't take away from the design." And he was right, it is so neutral that we don't even notice it being used around us. Celebrating it's 50th birthday, Helvetica is present in your everyday routine. It's just there. It's like oxygen, we have to breathe so we have to use Helvetica

On my drive home I tried to spot what was Helvetica and what was not. I still need some practice but it was entertaining none the less. 

Now a test... let's see how good you are: Arial or helvetica?

It was great for Edmonton to finally host and event like this one. So props to GDC, DSO, Coast Paper and all the other sponsors for making it happen.

peace & type.

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