Tuesday, January 29, 2008

for the love of tea

time: 10:47 am
place: Edmonton
temperature (excluding windchill): -38.3
visibility: zero
tea: Bojenmi

Awaking from warming dreams to arctic weather may now 
solidify that dreamers are often liars. It is not only cold outside but dangerous and life threatening. My commute ended as soon as it began. Driving only as far as the nearest gas station, I was quick to turn around and crawl back into my silk laden bed accompanied by none other than a fabulous cup of chinese loose leaf tea. 

It's now been three hours since I attempted to go to work and I still can't see the house across the culdesac. I guess I'm not going in at all today. 

Snow day numero dos. Did I mention I'm watching The Day After Tomorrow? I am. No worries though. I'm lucky to live in a big house with lots of stuff to burn in the fireplace in case of an ice age. Phew. 

And the benefit of this all is the start of a blog. My thoughts and my desires are now yours. Please comment, debate, question and console any posts at any time. 

"Love is a spirit of all compact of fire." 
~ William Shakespeare 

Avec amour and always blushing.

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